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Lawn Tractor Attachments

The first thing that you think of when reading the word “tractor” is the traditional extraordinarily large vehicle used in ploughing fields but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Lawn tractors are quite small in size as compared to the traditional tractors and are specifically designed for lawns. They can be defined as the modern and refined versions of traditional riding mowers except with more power and incredible durability.


Lawn tractors are used to keep a lawn in perfect shape and can be upgraded through the use of lawn tractor attachments to perform more advanced functions such as aerating, dethatching, spreading, and spraying, etc.

Mentioned below is a list of some of the most common lawn tractor attachments that could do wonders to your lawn once attached to your lawn tractor.



Adding a cart to your lawn tractor provides you with the extra storage space to bring your tools or any other material that you might have to transport from one spot in the lawn to another. Carts are especially important in lawns spread over a substantially huge piece of land. For a smaller lawn, getting a cart could be an unnecessary expense.


Aerators & Dethatchers

Aerators and dethatchers are the lawn tractor attachments used to provide the soil with the nutrients it requires along with water and air. Without an aerator and a dethatchter, you would have to work for hours just to complete this one task. However, connecting an aerator and dethatcher to your lawn tractor would get the same job done within minutes.


Chipper Vacuums

A chipper vacuum attached to your lawn tractor could save you a lot of time by gathering all the dry leaves, twigs and other wastes from the lawn before you begin to mow it. This collection of leaves, twigs, and wastes can then be converted into mulch that could be used to provide nourishment to the soil.



If you’re not a big fan of mulching, then a bagger is the right lawn tractor attachment for you. There are two types of baggers available, i.e., the hard baggers and the soft ones. They will leave your lawn looking as good as new. Be careful when choosing the size of a bagger or it will affect the efficiency and stability of the lawn tractor.


Cabin Enclosures

Cabin enclosures or shades can be used to protect you from sunlight and the heat that comes with it in summer. Snow cabins offer protections from rainfall, snow, and wind.


Rotary Cutters and Grooming Mowers

Rotary cutters are used when you’re trying to keep the growth of certain bushes, shrubs, or pastures, etc. under control. Whereas, grooming mowers help you maintain, or in other words “groom”, grass, shrubs, or any other plants in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.


Consider These Questions Before Purchasing

However, before you decide to buy a certain lawn tractor attachment; the first point you must consider is whether or not you even have the financial resources to purchase it. The second point to think about is whether the attachment is even relevant to your lawn’s needs or not.


The third question to ask yourself is if you’d even be using that specific attachment. If yes, how often you’d be using it. Another important question is whether or not you have sufficient space available to store the said attachment and, if not, where would you store it?


If the answers to any of these questions are in the negative, then you must reconsider your decision to purchase the concerned lawn tractor attachment. You’ll be wasting money otherwise.